Speed Limit

Going the speed limit it takes ten minutes to get to the hospital and in the car with you on my lap it felt like twenty and the simple directions on the side of the Epi-Pen were written in English which might as well have been another language as foreign as the doctor who sawContinue reading “Speed Limit”

We Are the Lions

We mustn’t forget where we came from. We’re as wild as the animals we hate to be compared to and as interested in staying alive as the gazelles grazing together in the vulnerable openness of the plains. We should be commended for our attempts to nurture our morality, that byproduct of cooperation that has givenContinue reading “We Are the Lions”


Cartwheel It isn’t a word I’ve given much thought to, and I can’t recall the last time I spoke it—   For so long, I’ve been the mother of boys who crack baseballs and jump off roofs   and never once did their joy become a wheel of limbs and banner of hair.   TodayContinue reading “Cartwheel”

Location of the Heart

Location of the Heart You don’t know (or do you?) how often I’ve taken advantage of your existence and pretended that miles and years are somehow going to evaporate into the night when I walk outside to watch the moon with you beside me even though you aren’t here.   You’re never here.   ButContinue reading “Location of the Heart”

Night Poem

Night Poem Stop reading if it isn’t late at night.   And if there is any light, let it be the glow of a half burned candle.   You must be alone to understand this tale of disappointment: that the number of people in a room can be too large and too quiet and tooContinue reading “Night Poem”


Water Sometimes it’s rain or the swimming pool in your neighbors backyard. Most often it’s beside your bed in the clear glass which you accidentally knock over in the night as you adjust your pillow.   Without any evidence of a mind, you know it wants you back, luring you to the warm ocean ofContinue reading “Water”

Grandma Goes Away

Grandma Goes Away Her unexpected death came at an inconvenient time and all you could think about was the large order she had placed for the school fundraiser.   The order form was pressed to the refrigerator with a single magnet, and you stood in front of it, nearly as blank— its lack of animationContinue reading “Grandma Goes Away”


Context Ordinary is the worst possible word when you imagine it applied to your life by someone whose spectacular existence on any given day is a prize already awarded.   What’s strange is how after bad news or betrayal you crave it –   The fabulous lives of others are suddenly too frivolous to envyContinue reading “Context”

Words, Recycled

Nothing new, really. You’ve said them all before— arranged and rearranged until they sound just right or mean almost what it is you wish to say. Amazing that something almost unique can still be said— that books continue to be written which use all those words you know to tell you something you didn’t. SomehowContinue reading “Words, Recycled”