I’ll Give Them a Happy Ending

I’ll Give Them a Happy Ending

Come.  We’ll begin on their last day.

The pictures have all been gathered,

and their children are grown and mourning.

Before the crash, their silence was like a winter—

cold and long and spreading

across the horizon of sadness

where multiple disappointments

erupted and remained fixed to the landscape

like the corpses of trees after a wildfire.


Keep going.  And if you can bear it,

wade through the flash floods

of their joy and into the voluminous deserts

of blame and lust and wanting

and you will come to an oasis of peace

when their children are young

and the only expectations are

the six o’clock alarm and the six o’clock dinner

and the ho hum of the midnight bedroom.


We’re almost there.  Can you feel the softening?

Forgiveness is abundant and as flexible

as those nights their children were conceived,

and the drift of love is pushing them closer

toward that first photograph

which will capture the bliss of their ignorance—

the only reliable source

for such a sincere and earnest happiness.

And here, finally, is where they found it.





DeMaris Gaunt




Published by demarisgaunt

I currently live in Greenwood, Indiana. I love to listen to music, books on CD, podcasts or NPR as I work in my studio.  My favorite artists are Andrew Wyeth and Edward Hopper. I love poetry, but only the good stuff that isn’t so abstract I can’t understand it. Abstraction better lends itself to visual art, I think. Stephen Dunn is my favorite poet. He’s said just about anything that can be said about the inner workings of the heart and mind. My favorite novel is Atonement by Ian McEwan. My all time favorite band is The Cure. I love science, and anything that relates to how the mind works. I don’t believe in the supernatural. If I could meet anyone in the world, it would be Richard Dawkins or Steven Pinker. If you don’t buy my art or read my poetry, buy one of their books. It will enrich if not change your life.  My favorite things to do are hiking, kayaking and camping. My favorite food is so common, I’ll keep you in suspense (It starts with a P). I prefer chocolate to vanilla. Green is my favorite color. I have an aversion to planning or scheduling of any kind, and I live for spontaneous adventures! Telephone conversations make me anxious, and I avoid them at almost all cost. I had a happy childhood. I’m having a pretty fantastic adulthood. I have every intention of seeing my 100th birthday, after which I will happily relinquish my guts to the future of medicine. Cheers! ~DeMaris

One thought on “I’ll Give Them a Happy Ending

  1. Wonderfully structured. I used to think if a person was happy s/he must be missing something. Now, I have found bliss to be a discipline. Not so much forgetting as re-membering.


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