The Atheist Loses a Child

Heaven comes after death— not to the dead but to we who remember with joy the comfort we found in each other— and it was enough not to believe in anything bigger than our enormous and satisfying love.     DeMaris Gaunt 4-11-14


What is that transparent impenetrable barrier like a plate glass window that keeps the blue jay from the cardinals nest even though they visit the same feeder in my backyard?   How do they know what they are when they must see, as I do, the variety of wings and colors and songs?   WhatContinue reading “Windblown”

Beach Ball

Nothing special about a beach ball. Not much to keep you interested in a poem about an inflatable toy meant for summertime except that when it blew away it reminded me of the years I couldn’t catch him, so fast he was— carried by the breeze that stirred above the waves and when the sandsContinue reading “Beach Ball”

Along the Lines

If you were one of those who complained that longer lines were going to be a problem for you if the healthcare bill passed into law the way a child might pass away if he were uninsured, come closer.   I want to look deep into the trinity of your eyes— the iris, the pupilContinue reading “Along the Lines”


Rush  Read this quickly faster with urgency the way you live your life because there’s a message inside these words that might disappear if you don’t speed up and please whatever you do don’t walk away in the middle when you’re only halfway through— you’re almost there you’re going to make it don’t slow downContinue reading “Rush”


Floating Now that I know what love isn’t, instructed by a history of errors,   I can say for sure what I’ve long suspected:   that night drive home from Cincinnati dozens of years ago   (or was is only ten) meant as much as the whole decade since.   Two lovers: one for aContinue reading “Floating”

Faithful Airplanes

Forgiveness is unnecessary if no harm’s been done, but still, I think I’ll never tell anyone how beautiful it was to spend those hours so fully enraptured by his company in that small bar off the lobby where we never touched or discussed what we’d have for dinner the next day because there wouldn’t beContinue reading “Faithful Airplanes”

Red-Winged Blackbird

Red-Winged Blackbird From a distance I thought it was a toy— a glossy black hard plastic action figure still holding tight to its bright red secret weapon.   I could imagine the crestfallen child in the backseat of a minivan having accidentally misjudged his grip or the invisible strength of air— the caped good guyContinue reading “Red-Winged Blackbird”

Bread Alone

Bread Alone Peanut butter is what you craved first after surviving so long on bread alone.   You wanted to find out if His words were true— if man (or kid, for that matter) couldn’t live on bread alone— or maybe you just wanted to prove Him wrong.   But on day two, your mother,Continue reading “Bread Alone”

The Euphemistic Guide to Sexual Encounters

The Euphemistic Guide to Sexual Encounters Yes. I’d love to come up and see your etchings if they are the skin deep scars on your body.   Yes. It’s only fair that I’ll polish your rocket after you grease my wheel that’s been spinning since we met.   Yes. We can explore my cave beforeContinue reading “The Euphemistic Guide to Sexual Encounters”