Light Snow

Winter. Such a stage you set when you decide to twirl in your dainty costume. There is no spotlight indicating your fixed position— just a polka dot glow that hovers and fades until the moon retreats behind a darkened curtain and even the staunchest critics hope for an encore.     DeMaris Gaunt 11-23-13  

This Wind

A fearsome thing it is today, this wind. Hardly a break between the gusts, and when it takes a breath even the calm seems to whistle an eerie tune. No wonder the gods were born in its lungs during all that time we spent in caves before bricks and mortar, and before Aristotle began inContinue reading “This Wind”


Tiny and warm, your cabin hugged us all: your folks, your brothers, sister and all the kids, and outside we were surrounded by velvet green meadows which gave way to a wall of trees glistening with their last yellow hope just as the light invited the four of us to walk into the landscape— andContinue reading “Thanksgiving”


When I think that you may die before me, the source of the sting is not the absence of a smooth and polished future that mothers wish for their beloved children, but the shortage of the many terrible breaks and losses and dents which would have carved into you those pockets of emptiness, without which,Continue reading “Carved”

Just For Today

Just for today dig up your death and allow it passage into your life Lean gently into it like the shoulder of a stranger on the subway All you know is that most days it waits without excitement or fervor All it knows is its duty to end your breath, and you accept Best toContinue reading “Just For Today”

Orbital Resonance

The party was delicious with the smell of chocolate and wine and the people on the list were beautiful and dressed as if this were the last day of the year to advertise their singularity and there were those little clusters of stars smiling and talking and drinking too much to notice that there wereContinue reading “Orbital Resonance”

An Authentic Spiritual Experience

We know morning will come and deliver our end but still, we enter the room with a key that resembles a credit card and there, in the middle is a single bed like the nucleus of an atom where we will make a payment to each other’s body in exchange for a memory of sensationContinue reading “An Authentic Spiritual Experience”

After a Decade

I’m sorry. I shouldn’t bring you here like this, unannounced, exposed— where everything is reduced or inflated by exaggeration. Even you will be distorted by this poem, but I promise to paint you with all the pretty colors this language allows and still cover our lives in camouflage. I want you to know that IContinue reading “After a Decade”

Too Tall (A Post-Halloween Poem)

Here they come on Halloween night not much of a costume— pillowcases held tight. They’re six feet tall with voices deep, this group of boys laughing trick or treat. They stand on the porches and to some must explain that they decided they’d give it one more Halloween. They didn’t expect that on All HallowsContinue reading “Too Tall (A Post-Halloween Poem)”