At the Table

If only someone would ask the right questions— who knows what secrets might be revealed, what depths might be touched. Some of us wait our whole lives for an opportunity that never comes: a chance to be opened up on the butcher block of truth. We couldn’t be blamed if our truth escaped us inContinue reading “At the Table”

Short Story

Fair has nothing to do with it— If you want to know why I fell in love with him, or when, I’d have to answer that it happened without intention.  Slowly. I promise it wasn’t your fault, or mine. It’s just that he was there each time you weren’t.  When you didn’t kiss me whenContinue reading “Short Story”


Nearly as bad as the death of your child is the promise by other survivors (other crushable mothers) that there is a form of recovery in your future. It will always be a tender wound, they tell you, but it will scab over and allow you short reprieves where the pain is bearable and evenContinue reading “Recovery”

The Real Monogamy

~After listening to Dan Savage talk about monogamy (video below) THE REAL MONOGAMY I liked it better when it was just me in love with “him” from afar— certain that he’d love me back if we met one day on some city street, then occupied the same table in a restaurant where the music wasContinue reading “The Real Monogamy”

The Dawn of Man

The stick. How long did it lie on the ground before some curious, hairy human picked it up, reached into the tree with an astonishing new arm, straight and long with an accurate aim? The fruit fell down. How long before it caught on? Until everyone else saw the sense in it, the way itContinue reading “The Dawn of Man”


The NASDAQ is down 48 points which means nothing to those of us (most of us) who live without savings accounts or pension plans in the suburbs of cities which look so small on any given map of the world or country or state. The globe is blue and green and full of brown brokenContinue reading “Losses”

Christmas Prayer

Most of the family, for so long a single minded stem— blossomed away from those stubborn roots. The old man, that solid patriarch, and one lonely son were the only ones left who felt  a prayer offered before the meal was necessary— would be received. Having already dropped those mythical petals of promise, the restContinue reading “Christmas Prayer”

Christmas Shopping

This poem first appeared in the November/December 2013 issue of the Humanist  I’d like to sit down next to the old man on the bench in the shopping mall— the one judging the crowd as he waits for his wife to return with an armload of packages. I’d ask him if he believed in God,Continue reading “Christmas Shopping”

Seat Belts

A voice on the radio is speaking its truth about God, and because it isn’t a sermon, we listen in— always amused by religious absolutes, the divine word divided into comprehensive chapters. We’ll be home in about an hour which is plenty of time to get lost on the back roads, or turn around andContinue reading “Seat Belts”

A Poem for Poetry Magazine

If understanding is what you want go elsewhere. You won’t find it here in this mess of gobbledygook I’m about to spit out using barely comprehensive combinatorial phrases because all I’m going to do is talk out loud and type, and say things that no one ever speaks or thinks in real life, which isContinue reading “A Poem for Poetry Magazine”