Bearable Things

There are so many bearable things like stepping out of bed at 6 a.m. into comfortable slippers and trying to fall asleep again at midnight and failing because you have a mind that likes to play in the dark alleys of the wrong parts of town and even when you aren’t in the comfort ofContinue reading “Bearable Things”

Above Auschwitz

Pretend for a moment you are the creator of the universe, which is easy to do if you will visit Youtube and find the footage of a manmade drone flying above Auschwitz on the 70th anniversary of its liberation. Your view will be unpopulated by the events of the 1940’s but if you use yourContinue reading “Above Auschwitz”

Born Again

Well then, it’s settled. There will be no death for you who have accepted fiction over fact and value culture over the cultivation of knowledge— which will go on separating the wheat from the chaff, the pit from the peach, and the wise man from the fool. Heaven and hell are waiting and there’s aContinue reading “Born Again”


I do not cannot love you but somehow I wonder if I do because here you are again inflating my heart with your big ideas that won’t leave me alone and you of all people shouldn’t be surprised by what goes on in our uncontrollable expandable minds and how many times have I heard youContinue reading “Muse”

The Unexpected

(After Watching a Documentary on North Korea)  Sometimes, there are unexpected pleasures which appear in the form of vegetables on your doorstep— a gift from your neighbor, whose surplus became a kindness you will want to repay. Once, we woke in winter to the noise of another neighbor pushing his snow blower up and downContinue reading “The Unexpected”


A woman like that does not exist on any sofa no matter how soft or affordable or white. Page 41 is a beautiful lie warmed by the California coastline seen through those whitewashed French doors, open to the sugary sands. It isn’t hard to believe in the length of her hair or the highlights thatContinue reading “Advertisement”


Ivy and league are two words independently definable and somewhat pleasing to the ear, and when we read them together, like green energy or civil liberty, we understand that an improvement has been made— a sort of elevation into what is desirable, even though it might seem out of reach. Invoking education and power andContinue reading “Results”


It floats above the masses like a cloud that never turns gray and gets the first and brightest light before the tight rays diffuse and settle without promise on the more grounded aspects of creation. If it means anything, it means any destination is yours without purchasing a ticket. Most are refused entry into itsContinue reading “Privilege”