Winter Conference

Almost a year since you fell in love with her. Even longer since you welcomed her into your most private, secret dreams, where her legs part beneath you as she waits, beautiful and naked, for you to fill her milky center with your abundance and skill. Now you sit beside her on the plane, andContinue reading “Winter Conference”

Heart Surgeon Wanted

Constantly they fail— those fist-sized lumps of tissue that pound on and on for decades, untrained to do anything but keep the beat while the body that surrounds them begins to contemplate its limits. And unlike oil changers or burger flippers there isn’t help for the heart on every corner. No drop-off or drive-through serviceContinue reading “Heart Surgeon Wanted”


Careful now— don’t deny yourself the gratification of self pity just because the son of your high school friend will by dying soon of cancer or because reputation value goes up as your vulnerabilities go down. And I recommend crying.  Alone. Because no one wants to see it or hear it or carry it aroundContinue reading “Survivors”


Everything is harder in the winter. Not just the ground frozen beneath the snow but the effort everyone must make just to move from the front door to the mailbox, which may or may not contain a letter that will change your life or a bill impossible to pay. Layers of fleece and flannel haveContinue reading “Hard”


Crisp and tart like a September apple is how it tastes to remember you calling out to me to stop— to wait for you to catch up so you could take my cold hand into your warm one and tell me you’d give anything if I’d turn around and change course— and I was temptedContinue reading “Bright”


Gods. Stories. Paper. The printing press. But long before machines there was the wheel and all those tools born in fire. Sharp things first then bullets and coins— two devices with a kind of power to separate life from the living almost as completely as those pesky fairy-tales that insist they are real and resist amputation.Continue reading “Inventions”