Ask Me Anything (for d.b.)

That’s what you say when you know who you’re talking to— when you expect the expected and are prepared to lie— and clever enough to keep it interesting. Or maybe I’m wrong about you. Maybe you’re the one who can speak honestly after you offer such an invitation, even if the question is— “Would youContinue reading “Ask Me Anything (for d.b.)”

Now You Know

No one knew. For years no one knew what we had done— what violations lay dormant waiting to be discovered and judged. And because it happened so fast without time to consider anything but the moment, it seems unfair that we be given no credit for the will it took to put an end toContinue reading “Now You Know”

Seventh Floor

I have no choice. Really. There is no option to be with you again or return to that bed on the seventh floor after the rain outside accumulated into a need to dry our skin on the white sheets where I became a church containing your confession and what could I do but forgive youContinue reading “Seventh Floor”

No Sympathy

So much sympathy for so many things. We mourn the victims of the earthquake who are silent now, and we condemn this same nature that created us— the same nature that created the volcano, the winds— the fearsome tides that swell like the anger of gods. But still, there is no sympathy for beauty— forContinue reading “No Sympathy”


You deny that you will ever reach it- that the exhilaration of the summit will always remain in the delicious future- that the drug-like high of traveling toward the climax will linger forever as you enjoy the new and spectacular views. And you won’t see it coming- the plateau- but you know you’ve reached itContinue reading “Plateau”

Black Hole Sun

I know something new about the universe which has nothing to do with stars. There is a light unknowable unless you are traveling at the speed of darkness toward a slow motion mouth consuming all your gravity— all your weightless mass. And this discovery will never be documented in the science journals and there willContinue reading “Black Hole Sun”


On the long hike you daydream about what you’ll say if you’re ever found out— if your late night conversations go unerased, lingering like ripened fruit in your online garden of temptation. Your first bite wasn’t sweet or bitter but it was new, strange— an explosion of taste you couldn’t help but crave. Would itContinue reading “Defenses”

Invisible Lines

We crossed them not with lies, but truth. We jumped across boundaries without touching the fences or snagging our clothes. And just because we kept our buttons buttoned and our zippers zipped didn’t mean we wanted to.   DeMaris Gaunt 4-25-15      


You are apple pie sitting before me with a scoop of ice cream and a dollop of Cool Whip on top. Your voice is music that lures me to the edge of risks I must not take. Please change my mind by leaving it alone. Please. Change its course by saying something meaningless ridiculous andContinue reading “Sweetness”

Blow Away

You pick up the book and put it down again. You can’t read in this empty house with this ache in the red round hollow between your lungs. You thought the day was yours— that you had a choice in how to spend it. And even though you want to read that goddamned book youContinue reading “Blow Away”