Parable of Food

There is an abundance of food and the children are hungry which is a problem only because good food must first be prepared properly which means there will be a wait because what is nourishing is not available in a box that can be opened and poured onto a plate it must be sliced andContinue reading “Parable of Food”


The walls around me are gray and I’d like them to become invisible and blue and though they cannot speak it feels as if I’m neglecting their plea to transform me by keeping me prisoner until I make up my mind that I’ve had enough isolation and will break down the door and reenter the dreadfulContinue reading “Plea”

Independence Day, 2015

Even though the lawn needs mowed I’ll stay in the house until evening because there are things to celebrate indoors, like air conditioning and running water and the kind of freedom that allows me to choose what book to read and what kind of flag to criticize on social media if I want to— butContinue reading “Independence Day, 2015”


Originally posted on demarisspeaks:
The tight fisted sun pounds the party on the beach this fourth of July. Teenagers, brown bodied and glowing with laughter throw Frisbees and bodysurf along the shore. Colorful umbrellas dissolve the heat with their small round shadows while bellies fill with the offerings taken from the fire: roasted corn hot…

Hypothetical Emergency

Turn around. Go back. Rewind the tape and edit everything you said to make it sound just right. It’s what you’d do if you didn’t have so many other things you needed to accomplish— like going to sleep and waking up or taking a long hot bath or finishing off the strawberry ice cream thatContinue reading “Hypothetical Emergency”