The Answer

When I was a younger version of myself attending poetry readings in the afterhours bosom of the bookstore— made of amber lit rows of perforated shelves— I sought the faces which looked most unreadable and wise and wondered if there would ever be a time when I wouldn’t feel curious about the one single faceContinue reading “The Answer”

Small Fires

So much dreaming last night. My sister in law was alive again and laughing about how happy she was— and I looked closely, and wasn’t surprised that she was breathing— but that I couldn’t see any evidence that a noose had been so tight around her neck. And she didn’t seem alarmed that the manContinue reading “Small Fires”


Things should be done in order of importance which means I should exit this room and enter a state of reflection before picking up the phone to offer my condolences on the death of a certain someone. After that dreaded and obligatory task I should make a few more phone calls that reinforce my loveContinue reading “Priorities”

Words, Recycled

Nothing new, really. You’ve said them all before— arranged and rearranged until they sound just right or mean almost what it is you wish to say. Amazing that something almost unique can still be said— that books continue to be written which use all those words you know to tell you something you didn’t. SomehowContinue reading “Words, Recycled”


It never happened. We never walked together through the woods commenting on our favorite seasons. His broad, sturdy hands never brushed mine in the quiet exchange of a purple wildflower. I never watched as he rescued a small robin— lifting it gingerly toward the cupped palm of dried mud and twigs. He never took my handContinue reading “Wish”


(Click on the link below, and I’ll read it to you.) It is innocent, isn’t it? The places we go without them, our cherished and beloved ones— when the song on the radio, say, lures your heart back to Colorado to a long ago October causing you to wonder how he’s doing now in EstesContinue reading “Remembering”

Moon Poem

Moon- bright ball of borrowed light, (light which you charmed away from the sleeping sun) you are not a secondary glow as Genesis claims in that first chapter, but that great irreplaceable star of the night- It’s you who we wait for. Most nights, you’re not quite sure of yourself and you only half smileContinue reading “Moon Poem”


To speak of suffering is to speak of rainbows, of spectrums, of a thousand shades— of infinite degrees of pain. Yours began as blue and curved into navy before it went black. Even the small bits of white that gave us hope dissolved into your dark abyss. Your mind, your child— your two brightest lightsContinue reading “Torn”

Words and Rules

I began to speak, and heard myself say, “there are no words” before I went on to describe the way the clouds appeared to sit on an invisible shelf in the sky above Cape Cod as if each of them had their lower half sliced off and the flat bottom painted dark blue to mirrorContinue reading “Words and Rules”


Most people say the nicest things when death shocks them into contemplation. Every kindness is recalled and praised and and a picture of a life begins to form— sometimes so abstract it becomes a caricature of goodness iced with fond nostalgia. But Beth, your goodness was divided and delivered long before I knew you— beforeContinue reading “Contribution”