No Words

Wouldn’t it be so much easier if we could wear them on our sleeves? These hearts that are so much heavier than we expected and so much more complex than a construction paper cutout on Valentine’s Day. If only we didn’t have to explain what happened long ago to make us flinch or cry, orContinue reading “No Words”


Sometimes you want the mountains so badly you have to throw your car keys across the room and cover your face with both of your hands for an entire minute and hope you have the will to walk over to the mantle and look at the photo of your second-grade son who would become asContinue reading “Mountains”

A Little Darkness

Some say it’s a darkness— but I say the light is a little better and little softer as it comes in filtered through the gauzy pinprick of an alcoholic beverage— when your focus is a red laser that keeps skipping around— which is the reason you can’t drive – because there’s only the steering wheel,Continue reading “A Little Darkness”

Thunderstorm, 2 a.m.

It hasn’t happened yet— that thing you dread. But you’re sure it’s coming toward you like the red splotches on the radar making their way to your front door. You can almost hear the tap tap tap on your stained glass windows and you brace yourself for the kind of wind that can rip upContinue reading “Thunderstorm, 2 a.m.”


Things happened that weren’t particularly memorable or wonderful or exciting today— but I was alive with all senses intact, and I smelled the roses in a literal way when a child no more than five ran right into me at the park, fleeing her mother’s disapproval over the handful of wild blossoms she’d picked whileContinue reading “Today”

In Pieces

What value has an ancient vase? Japanese or Native American— it doesn’t matter which dynasty, or what tribe— the maker and admirers are long dead and not even their ghosts attempt to quarrel with our judgments. And what if— at the museum, behind the glass case, the balance is compromised by a shaking of earthContinue reading “In Pieces”

Deep End

No indication of a struggle here on the glasslike surface of this pink September morning but I’m looking for a lifeboat that resembles the shape of an airplane that can drop me off on some unpopulated island where the language is silence, and spoken fluently, and unlike home, it would be impossible to drown beforeContinue reading “Deep End”


Found a bumble bee on my walk, doubled over, dead, but freshly so— with a velvet coat still bright as a morning daffodil. Its black enamel eyes were frozen in some unknowable expression which felt familiar and sad. The weightless body was the size of my fingertip, and as I held it in my palmContinue reading “Details”

Otherwise (A 9-11 Poem)

It will never be as clear as that black smoke how much relief was born that day, or in what form— the beatings finally over, the incurable sickness inoculated, the dull shame of loving the wrong gender forever buried in the breakable steel. You must believe that marriages headed for ruin were spared the publicContinue reading “Otherwise (A 9-11 Poem)”