Your Last Day

I wasn’t prepared for that last day like I should have been— all those years ago when the new year meant a new job and more money — and no you to talk to anymore as we sipped our morning coffee from those mugs you made out of red clay— and I broke one aContinue reading “Your Last Day”

Just Below the Surface

In a parallel universe or on a future day, perhaps, I’d like to tell you how much I’ve loved the ones who came before you— maybe sit down at the table with the shoebox full of love letters you know nothing about and rifle through my history of loss that made our love possible— andContinue reading “Just Below the Surface”


Tiny and warm, your cabin hugged us all: your folks, your brothers, sister and all the kids— and outside we were surrounded by velvet green meadows which gave way to a wall of trees glistening with their last yellow hope just as the light invited the four of us to walk into the landscape— andContinue reading “Thanksgiving”


I’ve been alive now for 17 days. That’s the number of mornings I’ve lifted my head away from the new pillow and felt the metallic air rush like a winter storm into the warm cocoon of my covers. None of the problems of living have been solved and none have abated since my close proximityContinue reading “Reckoning”

Without Shelter

  You disapprove. I think of the refugees. How can I complain? You do not look at me. I think of the refugees. How can I complain? You do not speak to me. I think of the refugees. How can I complain? You do not wear your ring. I think of the refugees. How canContinue reading “Without Shelter”

Anxiety Problem

You might have a problem with anxiety if you daydream about how nice it would be if a car or a semi truck rear ended you on the way to the soirée where you will be expected to do nothing but speak about the things you love which should be easy because all you needContinue reading “Anxiety Problem”