Little Boy, Casualty of War – I Won’t Forget You

Oh humans— what have we done It was never enough for us to eat and love and admire We had to take and own We had to create gods that could give us authority to kill We even turned the wheel into something nefarious— spinning forever out of our complete control   DeMaris Gaunt 12-30-15Continue reading “Little Boy, Casualty of War – I Won’t Forget You”

This is Why I Love Him

Love is something so sublime it reaches from the son to his mother and back to his lover with such ease it makes me teary to observe the shoulder that will steady one this afternoon and be a pillow to the other after the day has had its way— and duty will not have beenContinue reading “This is Why I Love Him”


I like to be awake when one day becomes another— not because I’m overcome with motivation to make tomorrow better than today but because it is a small accomplishment to have accumulated something to say— something to stay up for— some words that need to be typed in darkness so that I can explain howContinue reading “Illumination”


First it was you. Then me, because first it was you. Then me again. Then you. Now we pretend that communication is our glue because we can still talk about the way so many are duped by their belief that love is something more than what we have here— floating somewhere between and all around us.  Continue reading “Astray”

Gift Exchange

I don’t think of you except on Christmas Eve— which you hated to share with your birthday. You wanted to be born in summer, like me, when there was nothing more anticipated than a birthday cake and a few mylar balloons tethered to the center of the table. We wanted so much back then, when ourContinue reading “Gift Exchange”

First Love

Today was that day— that hoped for, dreaded day. I thought I’d have a little more courage to throw my arms around you or at least move into your view— but my tongue was so heavy with words they were like tiny millstones pulling me back to that place where we went under and IContinue reading “First Love”

Message in a Bottle

This is one of those poems that should never be released into the small world until it becomes large enough to have made a comfortable place for the people who live quietly in the anchored silence of propriety and decorum— who will never admit how easily the mind drifts into other waters surrounding other continents.Continue reading “Message in a Bottle”

Free Will

In the middle of your life you will probably give some thoughtful consideration to the rest of it. And because you know what it feels like to have succeeded less often than you’ve failed you think it might not be a bad idea to go ahead and do some of those things that were curtailedContinue reading “Free Will”