Sometimes it’s rain or the swimming pool in your neighbors backyard. Often it’s the size of a river in the little cup beside your bed which you accidentally knock over in the night as you adjust your pillow. With unmistakable transparency you know it wants you back— luring you to the warm ocean of aContinue reading “Water”

Dear DeMaris

You know this won’t last. Every time the colors run together and darken you forget how important the color black is for creating shadows that cradle the light— and I wish you wouldn’t struggle so long to smooth out your brushstrokes. Who said you need to blend in every color with the next? Just leaveContinue reading “Dear DeMaris”

I Am Not

Today I am not a hawk— I am something else. I cannot fly high enough to become confident that the ground will not crash into me after the wind picks up and lifts my featherless hopes into the darkening sky.   DeMaris Gaunt 1-1-16    

Orbital Resonance

The party was delicious with the smell of chocolate and wine and the people on the list were beautiful and dressed as if this were the last day of the year to advertise their singularity and there were those little clusters of stars smiling and talking and drinking too much to notice that there wereContinue reading “Orbital Resonance”