The Call

The Call (For Sarah) You don’t make it – the call— because you’re unsure if you’re really that close to falling into the category of folks who go belly up if an ambulance isn’t called. And as much as you love a story with a happy ending, attention that isn’t called to you is theContinue reading “The Call”


Later in your life after you’ve become a closeted functioning alcoholic you realize you’d been too hard on all those folks you knew to be dependent on their loved ones to make sense of their happiness and worth. You’d been too hard on everyone. Even the dishes waiting in the sink tell you how muchContinue reading “March”


“My god” was never something I said when something shocked or amazed or angered me— back when I believed in that thing which was once at the center of my imagination— that thing I thought had the power to crush me with an intelligence I was too stupid to understand. “My god.” Still, it’s somethingContinue reading “Glitch”


The childless mother wants to be alone on Mother’s Day to stare out the window into the world she no longer shares with the little boy, who long ago, brought her glistening dandelions bursting from his little brown hand and decorated her hair with the yellow joy of life— treasures collected after a storm turnedContinue reading “Now”

Narcoleptic Daydream

Everything you do seems like a step in the right direction as you lift your foot or your hand or your heart toward motivation – and even though you always end up here in the same kind of stifled narcoleptic afternoon, you try to believe that one day you’ll accomplish at least one or twoContinue reading “Narcoleptic Daydream”