Unsent Invitation

Hello— You’re invited to accompany me for drinks or a walk or a swim after the main event begins to drag into evening. I promise to act so nonchalant no one would suspect I’ve been in love with you from the moment I saw your picture on the dust jacket. It was all those wordsContinue reading “Unsent Invitation”

Between Us

Space is what’s between us even when I can see you up close so clearly hundreds of miles away because I have this picture of you— and your earnest eyes have no idea who it is who scrutinizes their paleness from afar— and I’ve fallen in love with the way the mind can close theContinue reading “Between Us”

How We Get Here

  Several years before my birth my mother said I do to a man she would never love as much as the one who came and went before him— a man who worked for her father chopping meat in the family grocery store— taller than my dad, with dark curly hair and an age thatContinue reading “How We Get Here”

Shared Spaces

Some people whistle and infect the air with a kind of abandon I don’t understand. I envy them their inhibitions— their disregard for others who share the space without an option to turn down the volume or change the station. I wish my intrusions were as innocent as theirs. All they want is to enjoyContinue reading “Shared Spaces”