Evolution of Love

  In the beginning love was a single perfect apple. One bite promised to satisfy the years of desire that lay ahead— and there was no one else to startle you with their intellect or give meaning to the word temptation— but when time blunted the sharp edge of your lovers charm you saw thatContinue reading “Evolution of Love”


It’s you again keeping me awake keeping me from sleep— that place I no longer dream of you. It’s not that I’m annoyed— no. I’m never bothered by your visits or the way you distract me or interrupt my task. What worries me is the way you dissolve over time— the way you leave meContinue reading “Ghost”

Three Avocados

The new neighbors who we didn’t know well, but didn’t like, were going on a mission trip so they knocked on our red door and offered us three black avocados and two ripe tomatoes because, God bless us, they didn’t want them to go to waste. We were newly married then and I had neverContinue reading “Three Avocados”