Flat Tire

I was already out of the store loading the potatoes and the paper towels into my car when I noticed I hadn’t taken the milk out of the cart to be scanned like the strawberry ice cream and the angel hair pasta and the rib-eye steaks I planned to marinate overnight. I could have goneContinue reading “Flat Tire”


  That thing— the curiosity the admiration the attraction the impulse the like the love you started to feel when you saw that we were about to crash into the same forbidden wall that kept us apart— put it away. Throw it away get rid of it put it in the trash the landfill downContinue reading “Instructions”

Where I Am

  I know something you don’t know about the darkness that covered our yesterday. It wasn’t the sky that forgot to shine or the inconsiderate clouds that hovered so close we could walk into and through their gossamer hearts— it was an accumulation of emptiness you have filled me with— finally spilling out onto theContinue reading “Where I Am”

All I Need to Know

Your shirt said “TAKE ME TO THE RIVER” and I wanted to do what it said to find out what you’d do once you got there— if you’d invite me to stay or thank me for dropping you off. I know how much you love the water – the way it can’t be contained— theContinue reading “All I Need to Know”

The Botanist

I don’t think he knows he’s beautiful— which is lovely and strange and maybe even telling of a kind of innocence that comes from loving wild things better than human things, who sting and wither and grow thorns that can be hard to pull out if his center is as soft and fragile as hisContinue reading “The Botanist”


If you were there and I was there too in a proximity that allowed us to touch each other in the flesh instead of with words I wonder where it would be— if it would be on sand or under trees or under sun or moon? Would we feel something like this— like need, likeContinue reading “Somewhere”

November 24th, 2016

  You are running out of time and you know it’s not right to spend it wanting the hours to slow down in your favor so you can have a little more time to consider the damage you’ve already done. You want to believe it will all work out— That forgiveness will wait for youContinue reading “November 24th, 2016”


Where you are it’s 2 a.m. and you exist in sleep six hours apart from me— on a future date, in fact. For you, it’s already tomorrow but I’m stuck here in the past at 8 p.m. writing a night poem about your yesterday— about the way we almost told the truth with a codeContinue reading “Lyrics”