Our Only Day

Today you are more endearing than yesterday— now that I know how you feel about that tulip tree you introduced me to— the one so big we both could give it a hug and still not reach each others fingertips. You took me off the trail to show me its secret life— and in reverenceContinue reading “Our Only Day”


How small they are— our sins. We could break them down into words then into letters which could seem almost entirely insignificant if they weren’t exchanged between us in secret in the dark hours— and if they weren’t forming complete sentences that were building a bridge between us that one day soon we will crossContinue reading “Alphabet”


I am a third degree burn after your fingers became flames that seared a path around my waist— and we were in a public place but you found my skin under my flimsy shirt and melted me into your arms just long enough for me to know for sure—that I will smolder until my handsContinue reading “Burn”


I know why there are so many words for the act of intercourse: sex screwing fucking getting it on making whoopee— all these words and phrases so that the holy of holies— Making Love can never truly be hijacked for use in any bed or on any blanket that doesn’t contain two people who are nakedContinue reading “Semantics”


Nothing is what I feared we’d be left with if we didn’t wait— if we spent each other like dimes at a candy store— and here we are with the wrappers scattered on the floor and my stomach starting to hurt because I knew when to stop but I didn’t want to.      Continue reading “Empty”

Selection Process

To you, girls like me are a dime a dozen. We step into your field of wildflowers hoping not to blend in— hoping you’ll notice something beautiful in the way we stand or sway or weather the unforgiving sun— that fire we pray will not wither our uniquness before you stop and kneel down besideContinue reading “Selection Process”

So Close

Finally it seems we have arrived at the same place and all of a sudden you are within sight within reach and I can almost see that blue is the color of your eyes and you can see the trepidation coloring mine and you could take a step closer to me if you wanted toContinue reading “So Close”

Ten Seconds

Even the simple is laced with complexity when all you want is a ten second hug (which you promise will end your cravings) but you know you would turn to liquid in his arms after only five and he would have to hold on to you until you regained your balance— and maybe even carryContinue reading “Ten Seconds”

Your Next Move

  “It’s up to you to make the next move.” –a fortune cookie   It doesn’t matter what the fortune cookie wants you to believe— it doesn’t matter how she makes you feel or that she might have already fallen for you in the way you’re falling for her. She’s the kind of trouble thatContinue reading “Your Next Move”


If you follow me off this cliff into madness into the mess of something that only feels like love out of curiosity or loneliness or boredom I won’t catch you— I won’t even try to break your fall. DeMaris 12-24-16   Liability (Version 2 – can’t decide which is best) If out of curiosity orContinue reading “Liability”