Love, Declined

It truly didn’t matter how happy we were sitting on that fallen oak covered with snow talking about the things we’d do come spring or how perfectly content you seemed pinned to the tulip tree which helped you stand as I kissed you for the thousandth time with no way to know it would beContinue reading “Love, Declined”

Scar Tissue

I must have known all along we would come to this— that you’d retreat into solitude which is where I found you standing alone on all those mountaintops where people go to find themselves— I should have recognized your freedom as your joy— that you were already complete in your solitary state and didn’t needContinue reading “Scar Tissue”

To Be

Always this yearning to be near you and always this longing to make it to some future day when we will meet beside our favorite tree and sit for hours if we want because neither one of us will have anywhere else we need to be.         DeMaris 1-27-17      Continue reading “To Be”

To My Love

Here— take my love for warmth when we must part— keep it wrapped around you in the day and in the night— or leave it on the shelf if you need to re-enter the world in your solitary state, or if you want to accept another offer of affection— put it in a box ifContinue reading “To My Love”


  You are the little bird with your wings spread in a modest and tentative display singing a song so quiet the others don’t get close enough to appreciate your splendor— I am the little bird who flew in closer to admire the way the light illuminates the color in your wings and I can hear thatContinue reading “Lovebirds”

Words, Recycled

Nothing new, really. You’ve said them all before— arranged and rearranged until they sound just right or mean almost what it is you wish to say. Amazing that something almost unique can still be said— that books continue to be written which use all those words you know to tell you something you didn’t. SomehowContinue reading “Words, Recycled”


I float into the night anticipating how you will feel tomorrow when there is nothing between us but warm water and skin so lonely we will need to cover each other with tenderness to help ease the exit wound that will follow us home after we pick up our blankets from the forest floor andContinue reading “Waiting”

The Truth

This is what nobody tells you most of the time because no one likes to admit there is wiggle room when it comes to certain facts about themselves— or that maybe love is really the shortest distance between point A and point B and straight lines are simply the most economic way to get there.Continue reading “The Truth”