Almost Everything

I’ve found out how little I can live with in the aftermath of a shared life that was full of accumulations possessions baggage clutter stuff piled high enough to interfere with my peace of mind and going from room to room I choose only those things I can’t live without and to my surprise whatContinue reading “Almost Everything”


Sometimes all you want is something so simple the words you must use to ask for it feel too complex and redundant so you remain silent— hoping that the one you love will feel you slipping under and without even asking if you need a hand will pull you back up to the surface andContinue reading “Cuddles”


Mine is failing with all these hard winds coming in to stoke the fires that have melted me from the inside out— and the weight of nothing to look forward to is so heavy on my shoulders I have a hard time standing up straight— my legs just want to bend into the comfort ofContinue reading “Infastructure”

Still Life

The thing is— he could he can he does cut me open sometimes just by leaving me alone when the space between us begs to be closed reduced punctuated by a word or a promise of nearness but there is so much silence emptiness doubt filling me up I don’t know if there will beContinue reading “Still Life”


I think of you wandering alone through the dense clusters of bluebells and wood poppies to the place where wildness takes over and replaces your worry with calm— and you opened that door for me once and led me into your private sanctuary where everything was in bloom and seemed perfectly untamed and without taint andContinue reading “Spectator”


He says he loves me whatever that means– could be on his bucket list to fall for a girl who could seduce him with words– but now he’s in too deep to take it back since he knows I’m willing to turn myself inside out to please him and to prove that every accommodation IContinue reading “Melting “

Easter Sunday, 2017

I spent the morning without Jesus lingering like he used to on the outskirts of my sinful heart. Now that I’ve cracked him like an Easter egg I can enjoy all the candy of my imagination without wondering if he’s been peeking into my private windows as if some stone had been rolled away. AndContinue reading “Easter Sunday, 2017”

Love Lies Bleeding 

My novice eye thought the small cluster of Rue Anemone was Hepatica and I was mistaken again when I called the Celandine Poppy a Marsh Marigold– but I was sure the Yellow Trout Lily was a Yellow Trout Lily and I was right about the Purple Cress– and I knew with certainty those bulbous BleedingContinue reading “Love Lies Bleeding “


It’s off and you know it and there’s just no way to settle it tonight— so you go to bed wondering how you could have been so mistaken when you put a little black into the white expecting the painting to become a little more exciting with shadows so close to the light— but youContinue reading “Balance”

Your Name

I know one day I’ll be buried under these memories instead of your body draped so casually over mine because I’m running out of excuses for why I need the entire Sunday afternoon to do what could be done on any other day in half the time— and those lies I tell are so flimsyContinue reading “Your Name”