How to Love an Introvert Part III

If possible become someone else with thicker skin try to be uncrushable be ready and brace yourself for rejection that will come gift-wrapped as an apology because your introvert knows he exists in a world ruled by the social appetites of extroverts and even though you are not one of them you’ve conformed to theContinue reading “How to Love an Introvert Part III”

How to Love an Introvert Part II

Don’t make him ask for space stand back way back wait to be invited in and never stay too long or try to expand his sanctum of solitude which will only ever be big enough for one and occasionally you might find that your introvert seems to be missing you in the familiar way you’reContinue reading “How to Love an Introvert Part II”

How to Love an Introvert

Use caution always approach slowly and never unexpectedly try to understand he doesn’t need you or anyone else unless your presence enhances his perfectly honed and preferred solitude and try not to take it personally when you realize planting seeds and picking ripe raspberries and making jam are just a few of the many activitiesContinue reading “How to Love an Introvert”

Worst Case Scenario

It’s unlike you to sleep so late to be silent past 7 a.m. to forget to wish me a good day and remind me you love me with those exact words and a plump red heart emoji before you haul your body even farther away from me to go to work so my instinct isContinue reading “Worst Case Scenario”

Waiting Room

I am not impatient this time waiting for my turn to lay back in the chair and open wide— there are children whispering loudly and bells dangling from the door announcing everyone’s exit and entry but it all goes on without me like the volume is turned way down on just another reality TV show—Continue reading “Waiting Room”


“You own everything that happened to you.  Tell your stories.  If people wanted you to write warmly about them, they should have behaved better.”  ~Anne Lamott   You’ve been told warned is more like it that you really shouldn’t write this down and add it to the internet or to the sum of your woesContinue reading “Voice”


  Baking brownies makes me feel mostly okay mostly at peace with the amount of turmoil in my life which is probably not much more or less than yours— whoever you are reading this poem on a Friday night— and if you’re reading this poem on a Friday night you’d probably rather be elsewhere spendingContinue reading “Brownies”

Too Far

I miss you isn’t what I’ll say even though it’s what I want to say need to say need you to know my arms are empty without you inside them there’s no one no one no one who satisfies completes compels inspires me like you— you, who are always 20 miles too far away.  Continue reading “Too Far”

Yesterday Morning

Floating downstream in the middle of the river I had you alone to myself and it felt like we belonged there as much as the turtles and the great blue herons startled into flight by our strange wings dipping into the water— and it felt like calm had finally arrived to replace the doubt thatContinue reading “Yesterday Morning”