How it Ends

The photo of you sitting in a field of wildflowers made you seem accessible— and the picture of your body halfway into Mosquito Lake seemed to indicate you lived for adventure— but the joy in your eyes as you stood on Mt. Rainier was in fact nontransferable to life down below where love waited itsContinue reading “How it Ends”


I’m not sure if desperate is the right word— maybe that’s too dramatic for what it means to wait to wait to wait for my turn to be relevant and important enough to have someone who claims to love me come when I need him— and because I ask for so little it seems thisContinue reading “Desperate”


How easily the sunlit beauty of the day goes dark when tainted with words that are not lovely and bright like the call of the wood thrush in the trees along the river— words that do not flow in and out of me smoothly the way this narrow boat travels mindlessly on its course— wordsContinue reading “Sinking”

The Answer

Maybe love isn’t the answer after all to the question of happiness which was never part of the plan when the cells that would become us were dividing into our ancestors who never knew how easy life would be in the future with sharp tools and wheels and gods we are no longer required toContinue reading “The Answer”

Going Going Gone

It’s a mystery why I stayed so long settled for being half of myself instead of whole and it’s my fault for thinking that being alone would reduce me to loneliness when there is no place more lonely than being at the table across from someone who makes me feel like I’m not even there.Continue reading “Going Going Gone”


He was just a little bird caged in your love for 13 years by accident because he ended up eating the prairie dropseed outside your window and you knew he wouldn’t last long without some kind of domestication from which he must have escaped so you lifted him into your life and when he diedContinue reading “Sporobolus”

Fight or Flight 

Good thing the night passed between us gave me time to cool collect my thoughts compose and edit what you needed to hear which wasn’t the first thing I wanted to say after the hiccup in our day bounced us out of alignment and into the realm of fight or flight and today I amContinue reading “Fight or Flight “


How unexpected to hear your request which felt like a complaint— and I could see your feet stomping in my imagination as my lips curled into a grin— finally a wish you’d like me to fulfill— and your disappointment that I failed to see this need fills me with joy that you are human afterContinue reading “Disappointment “

No One Else

I feel your warm hand over mine on our way to those places either one of us could go with someone else and we could enjoy the flowers and the river and the woods with another body beside us but there isn’t another set of hands that could elevate my body into the clouds afterContinue reading “No One Else”