So tempting to think rain must mean god is expressing emotion, sharing in your epic melancholy— or the collision between the semi and the car in front of you means you were favored over the two children who ended up in the ER— and the dead towhee you almost stepped on must have been placedContinue reading “Meaning”


No one thinks ahead to the small rooms we’ll go home to when the night is black and the lights are fluorescent flashing and spinning in every imaginable color and the smell of cotton candy and fried anything is as thick as your wallet when you pull it out to buy a chance at theContinue reading “Prize”

Almost Full

Our yesterday’s keep getting better— make me greedy for tomorrow, for the way you fill all my vacancies with your quiet smile— but when you speak it’s like a favorite song that ends too soon and I want to turn off the radio with only your music stuck inside my head.        Continue reading “Almost Full”

Connecting the Dots

There’s something beautiful something human something beautifully humane in the gesture between one driver and another when one is trying to enter the road thick with traffic and the other slows down to let him in with a wave that says it’s okay I’ll make room for you because we all have places to goContinue reading “Connecting the Dots”

Mind Reader

Where are you you absent one who knows that now is when I need something large and warm to crawl into something like an old quilt with lots of color and comfort something marsupial with a heartbeat something easy to get out of when I’m weak with uncertainty and no sense of direction where areContinue reading “Mind Reader”


  After all this time you thought that love might be floating in the air between you— might be settling onto your skin like a favorite flannel shirt with frayed edges so soft you don’t want to remove it for anything— but maybe you don’t feel the same to him because he doesn’t seem toContinue reading “Frayed”


  You never think STOP when you’re speeding toward something beautiful like a sky full of storms— all you see is the lightning drawing spectacular designs on the horizon inviting you closer— never mind the pencil is electricity and to hold it would be an act of defiance and stupidity— all you want is toContinue reading “Stop”