When you’re driving down the road feeling content  listening to The Rolling Stones bobbing your head tapping your left foot you realize in that moment everything terrible that’s ever happened in your life is behind you– that you got through it that this moment proves none of that s*** was big enough or bad enoughContinue reading “Proof”

September Revelation 

Dearest It occurred to me Only today That I might not Love you Forever Or uninterrupted That whatever we are Might just Be for now For the time being Until something Happens To bend Break Sever Our bond Which is only A feeling in the air Between us And someone else Might step in ToContinue reading “September Revelation “

Night Walker

Plump red lips pink cheeks with purple swells of lopsided skin head down eyes forward hat on sometimes off the gait full of sloppy bounce the legs not quite straight the brain intact whole wholly intelligent capable of the self-awareness that causes embarrassment great enough to keep him inside the house when the sun isContinue reading “Night Walker”

Anger Management

I don’t want to calm down don’t want to cope with this disappointment this anger that’s on me in me around me for what feels like miles and I don’t want to walk out from under it escape it stop it end it push it back no it can stay as long as it likesContinue reading “Anger Management”


The storm flares up and glass-like waves rock rush crash into you and there are two ports nearby— one barely lit with an intermittent glow— you aren’t yet sure of its dependability— but the other, farther away, has a brighter light— seems to have everything you’ll need in a harbor. You turn in its directionContinue reading “Harbors “


To get to your smile I wrecked two homes mine first then yours uprooting years of complacency years of good enough and I knew you might disappoint me might be nothing like a fairy tale and you are nothing like a fairy tale but I am as far away from disappointed as Jack when heContinue reading “Zucchini”

On the Floor

The man admires the woman who is puckered up posing in a tight black dress slit up the thigh standing at a flattering angle in what appears to be a bathroom so public the trash can is overflowing– but the man doesn’t care about the brown paper towels and mascara stained tissues on the floorContinue reading “On the Floor”

Mushroom Cloud

The days that separate us are long and large and almost empty compared to the few days here and there when we are together talking listening laughing— and your warmth always finds me envelops me enters me causes a nuclear explosion a mushroom cloud of feeling spreading from my core to my edges and whenContinue reading “Mushroom Cloud”