To prove that I’m racist my daughter asks me questions like would you rather adopt a white child or a black one and I say I’m not raising any more kids and she asks if I’d feel more comfortable in a room full of white people or black and my answer is wrong true complicatedContinue reading “Mirror”


Maybe the saddest and most bittersweet realization in life is that we don’t stay broken that we heal we recover from the love we thought could never end and that love can be replaced which means we were wrong it means we misjudged the function of our hearts which was never to stay in oneContinue reading “Theory “

Parking Lot

I erased all your emails that were delivered to my impatient inbox every morning with love and a photo of what no one else would see and when I put them in the trash I knew I’d have 30 days to change my mind to recover these messages punctuated by emojis and hearts and imagesContinue reading “Parking Lot”


Mine was plastic orange inexpensive with a cord to go around my neck and it never seemed to make it easier to find my way when I was lost while yours was internal invisible instinct with a built in barometer a feeling in the air a trust you had that the sun could be reliedContinue reading “Compass “

Tug of War

Today you will be expected to demonstrate your genetic fortitude while you get the work done efficiently and well and you will be expected to laugh at the jokes made by your father at the expense of your mother when she’s not around and you will do this with an effort so great it willContinue reading “Tug of War”