Imaginary Birds

I’m looking into the sky hoping I never see what I imagine as large foreign birds black bodies with elaborate red tails and streamlined yellow wings soaring high and then diving headlong into millions of futures they were sent to disable and destroy.             DeMaris 11-30-17

Blood Loss

Please, heart, stay where you are— safe in the pocket of air that surrounds you, keeps you protected from the blows that are small enough not to break you but still bruise. Please, heart, listen this time— remember the way it hurt to beat for love that was only half fulfilled, half empty every timeContinue reading “Blood Loss”

Stopping Point

You are on your way stopped in the middle of nowhere— the road having taken you to a dead end where you must make a choice between a cozy log cabin rustic old charming in need of a few small repairs not very spacious but with a comfortable bed and access to every tiny room—Continue reading “Stopping Point”

Shape of Love

He cracked the oval eggs into the round frying pan and I folded his t-shirts into perfect squares and we sat close on the rectangular couch with his arm circling my shoulders and my hand wedged between his thighs which is the picture of nothing special nothing extraordinary except that it felt exactly how loveContinue reading “Shape of Love”

Quadradic Equation

Lonely isn’t being alone on a cold November evening watching the trees release their orange confetti into the wind and lonely has nothing to do with silence or the dark shadows that slowly enter your room and lonely isn’t in the open space between the stars— lonely is the navigable road between two houses it’sContinue reading “Quadradic Equation”

No Right

A man and a woman have no right to fall to feel to fantasize about each other or about a life outside their bedroom even if the bed they go home to is empty or on the floor or otherwise unoccupied by heat as long as this man and this woman have somehow committed theContinue reading “No Right”