Job Security

Never mind the fact that you are in a position of privilege and have choices to make about where to dine on Saturday night and what kind of hardwood to use for your cabinets in the new kitchen you are able to afford and forget about the sultry and exotic places you’ll travel to inContinue reading “Job Security”


This is the day you never thought would be a celebration back when you were sure your enormous wish was never going to fit into the contours of your life so you did what anyone in love would do you blew up the boundaries and stepped into someone else’s world with not a single promiseContinue reading “Anniversary “

You Wonder

You wonder if you’ve ever been imagined into someone’s day someone’s life someone’s fantasy— have you ever been wished onto a plane or into the woods or into a warm bed on a winter night for a connection that had nothing to do with sex and everything to do with love— and you wonder ifContinue reading “You Wonder”

Cancer Center

The waiting room is without warmth— grays and blues and faces lined with concern sallow with fear some of them seeking answers some of them wringing their hands with a knowledge they hope to radiate away and it’s hard to tell the difference between the body language of the sick and those who are writhingContinue reading “Cancer Center”


Back at home there are two pencil drawings precious small old black and white sketches a gift from a friend who means something to me but I can’t decide what kind of frame would be best and I’m standing in the aisle deciding whether my choices are as black and white as these frames soContinue reading “Damages”

With the Dead

It’s a cold night almost Christmas and I am wishing it would all be over when I find myself stuck in traffic driving slow parallel to the ancient iron fencing between me and the cemetery and I pull in as if someone is calling my name from behind the skeleton trees and I follow theContinue reading “With the Dead”

How I Look

Sometimes happy music plays in another room and even if you close your door sound waves sneak in and all you want is silence or dark music that is so full of melancholy it makes you feel indistinguishable from the air that is filled with what looks like nothing.         DeMaris 12-13-17Continue reading “How I Look”

Bell Curve

We all fall somewhere on the bell curve of beauty— and where most of us fall isn’t on top of the soft and level bubble but somewhere on the slope that is so slick and without a foothold there is nothing to break our fall and we’re sliding so fast no one even notices weContinue reading “Bell Curve”

Precious Thing

The new unwrapped gift is in front of you. It’s exactly what you’ve wanted– never dreamed you’d possess. You can’t decide if it’s as functional as it is beautiful but if you put it to use it might break or be destroyed by the number of hours you expect it to work– after all itContinue reading “Precious Thing”


You, my pretty love, are an experiment— you are a pillar starting out perfect and I am going to carve you with an honesty so sharp only diaries and priests are accustomed to such clean cuts such unadulterated truths and I can’t wait to see if you’re still standing after you know everything I’ve everContinue reading “Experiment”