The sparrows finches chickadees— all of them know his kindness is reliable even when, especially when cold, frost and snow cover their world in difficulty— they know where to find his love poured into the feeders outside his windows— they taste it in the suet he prepared and stuffed into the vacancies of a fallenContinue reading “Sparrows”

I Wonder

Sometimes the writing is on the wall but for weeks it’s been on a handwritten sign at the corner of Main Street and Emerson Avenue– black foamboard white letters hunched over in the snow– a kind of crude, yet sincere devotion to philosophy– an invitation, really, to fill in the blank. “I wonder ______” TwoContinue reading “I Wonder”

Snow Angel

Today, the future has finally arrived giftwrapped in snow— it’s the future I hoped for doubted questioned when I hiked alone around Yellowwood Lake a dozen years ago on a white winter day like this— ignorant, then, of how to tell the oaks apart after their leaves had fallen— back when I hadn’t a clueContinue reading “Snow Angel”

Corner Booth

The beautiful man in the black coat turns away sits alone in a corner booth looking into his hands at the menu so full of choices and we who see him wonder why he is alone why his jaw is clenched we wonder if he loves someone who doesn’t love him back and we speculateContinue reading “Corner Booth”


The filter is on and love is squirming twisting trying to say what it feels like it needs to say but I am the gatekeeper who decides how much should be revealed and I have one finger on the trigger one foot on the gas another finger over the barrel and one heel about toContinue reading “Filter”