Where No One Can Follow

Rain all morning nowhere to go but inward where the memories are stored where the only thing that can reach me is music— a guitar and a couple of voices in harmony that seem to be saying all the things I can’t.       DeMaris 2-19-18 “Meridian Street, Thawing Weather” by T.C. Steele, 1887


He’s out there somewhere or maybe to him it’s you who are out there somewhere or maybe both of you know the whereabouts of the other but the bridge between you is so long and so full of gaps neither of you are brave enough to wait or to leap         DeMarisContinue reading “Gaps”


Just for him she baked a beautiful cake– multiple tiers icing so white it seemed to glow and there were flowers too– sugar-sweet pastel soft and he was not misled by this facade– he knew that inside was a different kind of sweet– dark– the color of sin– but just when he was sure theContinue reading “Cake”

Deep Winter

You are winter. Stripped down to necessity but not quite barren. Still beautiful. Sometimes I’d even say exquisite. But mostly your warmth isn’t enough to penetrate what is cold in me and even though I long for summer I find it impossible to believe that once it wraps me in its blue skys I won’tContinue reading “Deep Winter”

Welcome Packet

Dearest lover, I have compiled a list of instructions— a user guide for this body you claim to love— know first that my heart is not filled by you— you alone do not feed or complete me. There will always be an unnamed vacancy beside you. Please know my time with you will never beContinue reading “Welcome Packet”