Comfort Animal

Mine is timid around strangers and is known to bite if he feels corneredβ€” sometimes I believe he feels threatened by the cage he imagines I must have hidden in one of my many rooms. He lives for long walks in the woods where he can stop whenever he needs to pee, or has aContinue reading “Comfort Animal”

First Night

It isn’t the first night you’ve been gone. Away. Somewhere else. It isn’t the first night I’ve felt alone. Rejected. Out of my body. But it’s the first night you are silent. Missing. Really gone. I feel your absence sink in. And I am crushed flat under the weight of what I am to you.Continue reading “First Night”


I was 12 years old when Ryan Akers approached me in the arcade while I played Centipede. I tried not to pay attention, tried to act like I didn’t feel anything unusualβ€” as if the new and unfamiliar wish for him to touch me was as benign as anyone’s desire to hold a puppy. AndContinue reading “Scaffolding”