House of Cards

Flattened, you stand back to survey the damage– you consider how long it took to perfect those startling and beautiful angles– how long it took to get them just right so they could support your next move. You didn’t realize the moments of triumph would be so few and far between– or that the betweenContinue reading “House of Cards”

Double Feature

Friday, almost midnight— a movie theater mass exodus into the dim-lit parking lot. Voices hurry toward sleep while my keys jingle and unlock my sleeping god of destinations. But another movie plays out in my rear-view mirror— an un-young couple embrace their wish. The long strap of her green purse is a snake on topContinue reading “Double Feature”

God Talk

Of all places, a bar the week after Easter six women, six men talking God, talking Jesus recapping the resurrection one of the men, of course, doing most of the talking and I was so close I could reach out and touch his clothes if I wanted to, if I wanted to challenge that faithContinue reading “God Talk”

A Public Place

A public place is an unfortunate venue to have the wind knocked out of you— to find yourself flattened after your heart performs the acrobatic shock and swell of being caught off-guard by your brush with the-never-was the-not-quite the-almost-love-of-your-life. And he sees you before you can locate a restroom or an emergency exit so youContinue reading “A Public Place”


So rare is the steak before me. Not the rawness but the frequency. I can count the years since I’ve had a steak like this: tender pink the flavor of reward, the taste of a craving finally satisfied. But the price is so high I can’t appreciate the way the seasoning has been perfected overContinue reading “Raw”