Navigational Error

4 a.m. isn’t a good time to walk through the door when you are supposed to be sleeping on the couch where you’ve slept for almost half your marriage because the bed wasn’t big enough for you after she decided she wanted to sleep with all your flaws packed in between you. And even thoughContinue reading “Navigational Error”


Driving down the road you become aware of how lost your mind is and you wonder how you’re keeping it between the lines on this tightrope taught as the invisible line between lovers and you could so easily fall off on one side or the other as you watch the rain pixelating the windshield andContinue reading “Tightrope”

Fairy Tale

The atheist pretends for a moment that he has a soul shaped like a heart given to him before birth by Yahweh or Zeus or Baal— it doesn’t matter who is responsible for this flat Valentine— it’s his to keep or give away or cut into pieces like confetti falling from grace, which seems toContinue reading “Fairy Tale”

A Small Virtue

The night we didn’t make love will never go down in any history book as something virtuous or beautiful-(which is how we felt) and though our bodies were naked they were made holy in the act of restraint– in the way we would rather live without guilt than consummate a flame that both of usContinue reading “A Small Virtue”


He enters her dark room like a ghost illuminated by memories woven into the fifty-year-old shirt he’s wearing— the one his father never gave him— the one he acquisitioned after a soul passed from this life into ashes— and for all he knows his father wore that soft blue polyester shirt with the once-fashionable collarContinue reading “Rejuvenation”

Nights Like This

Nights like this you wish he would show up at your door out of the blue sorrow you’ve been swimming in. Nights like this you imagine yourself letting go. You imagine breaking the tight grip of every restraint propriety has on you. Nights like this you are alone enough to imagine yourself out of bounds.Continue reading “Nights Like This”

Out Loud

Hearing myself speak to a dear old friend at the grocery store about the one I loved was a revelation— and pulled out of me a few facts I’d never heard out loud— facts like: I loved him because… But this… But that… We didn’t… We couldn’t… and I watched pity twist her face intoContinue reading “Out Loud”