Holding Together

I am sitting alone in the kitchen I built eating fresh blueberries listening to the birds reconcile their feelings for me as they enjoy the seed but remember the trees that once held their homes I can hear those trees coming down falling over creating a moment of static in the crushed branches I canContinue reading “Holding Together”


A man swings alone in the park beside the library. I wonder why he’s there. The parking lot is empty. The library doesn’t open for another hour. I put Malcolm Gladwell in the drop box. He’s been helping me understand the misunderstood. He’s given me 6 hours of perspective on how we see things incorrectly.Continue reading “Perspective”

Heart Failure

By accident or maybe on purpose you cross the yellow line you accelerate toward the small dark circle coming toward you and you have exactly 7 seconds to decide how this is going to end 6        5        4 you return to your lane your flatlined heart beating again as the lives you decided you’d spareContinue reading “Heart Failure”

Just a Little Lost

Anthony Bourdain. Kate Spade. Robin Williams. Chris Cornell. Suicide by hanging, all. There are others, of course. Many famous, even more not famous. My first reaction after the shock and sadness for their families is, “Balls of steel.” My default position has never been to blame them. Or to accuse them of selfishness. Or toContinue reading “Just a Little Lost”


Parrish Broady— a boy who hadn’t reached out to grab my memory in a long damn time. But driving fast down 46 I see a truck waiting for its turn to pull into traffic. Broady Electric. Blue letters. The association begins. A middle aged man behind the wheel. Middle age never grayed the hair ofContinue reading “Falling”

You and You and You

You and you and you. Here is what I have. This is what I offer. This is what I am. I am an ear, I am a voice. I will listen to you and speak to you but there is no body available for warmth or comfort. My body is my own now. My pleasureContinue reading “You and You and You”


You feel a slow deflation— like hope exiting your being with every breath. It’s painless, liberating even. Like there’s nothing left to give away. Nothing for anyone to want from you. Nothing for anyone to take, take, take.         DeMaris 6-6-18 “Chambered Nautilus” by Andrew Wyeth 1956  

Up in the Air

“I’m too shy” you said, with a vulnerability any 10 year old boy would only show his mother. And new to the neighborhood, who could blame you for imagining the humility of rejection if the boy down the street didn’t want to come out and play and make a new friend, which is what youContinue reading “Up in the Air”