No One Is Going To Die

You are friendless on a night it would be helpful to have someone intervene and interrupt your sorrow and take away the bottle that is almost as empty as your heart— so all you can do is pretend you see a light at the end of this dark tunnel where he waits for you shining—Continue reading “No One Is Going To Die”


It’s 92 degrees outside and you are chilled to the bone as if your body believes you are at the base of a melting ice cap and you are treading water as it rises saturates drowns you and if it weren’t for the alcohol you’d be frozen solid because he isn’t coming back to warmContinue reading “Glacier”

Botany Lesson

Boneset and Snakeroot. Black-eyed Susan and Yellow Coneflower. Fernleaf Phacelia and Jacob’s Ladder— wild beauties so similar that I wanted to start paying attention to the subtle differences— differences that wouldn’t confuse a botanist whose life was spent studying the details of leaves and stems and the number of petals that differentiate Rue Anemone fromContinue reading “Botany Lesson”


Thing is— over isn’t over. Over is when you begin to realize there will be someone to come after you someone to learn him love him teach him new tricks in the kitchen in the garden in bed— and you will be brick-hit by his happiness— the happiness you swore you’d do anything to causeContinue reading “Over”


You see them everywhere: Singles. Alone at the corner table. Solo at the Sunday afternoon matinee. Walking the adorable puppy along 10th Street. Attending the gallery opening on Friday night wearing shoes with ‘unapproachable’ written all over them. Sometimes you pass the match of your dreams on a hike in the woods and make theContinue reading “Singles”