“Art About the Land”

The doors open at 6, and there you are under the familiar stained glass atrium where you kissed your girl a long time ago when you thought no one was looking and now you’re alone in the aftermath of love feeling torn apart by the painting of the White River where you spent one hundredContinue reading ““Art About the Land””

Something Small

On any given day on any given road men and women travel together in silence or in conversation and in one scenario there is silence and joy in another there is conversation and joy and many times there is silence and hurt that festers into a conversation that solves the problem and other times silenceContinue reading “Something Small”


When I was in love, when I was madly in love I knew it wouldn’t last— that there would be an explosion, an after— I knew what I felt was temporary temporal but it felt like something beautiful and significant even if it only meant that I was human— that I could feel everything IContinue reading “Constellations”