Watching him I imagine he is serious, intellectual— too good-looking and well-dressed to be a failure at anything. And the laptop holding his focus must contain a secret or two about his life or maybe all of them are being corralled into a memoir I’d pay a lot to read. And the pensive brow behind his thin rimmed glasses makes me wonderContinue reading “Speculation”

Morning Coffee

Chill winter morning coffee in hand warms your lips your tongue your belly your gut empty filled only with longing with memories of his body next to yours his body gone his body tender with love that melts when you close your eyes your eyes that bleed tears salty bittersweet oh, how you wish forContinue reading “Morning Coffee”

Wholesome Life

I take a deep breath reach for the phone to type words to beg to explain to express to ask questions I don’t have a right to ask I put the phone down leave the message in my head where it belongs I don’t explain my reasons my silence my inability to keep untangling yourContinue reading “Wholesome Life”

The Girl

The girl he loves more than anything in the world sits on the couch across the room reading a book on ancient history she’s in love with a boy he knows will break her heart sooner or later because love rarely sticks when the bodies involved aren’t even eighteen so what can he do butContinue reading “The Girl”

Let’s Try This Again

I am here alive numb failed mother failed wife cheater the other woman mother fucker cock sucker home wrecker raw wild unpredictable honest to a fault poet communicator capturer of nature nurturer I am alone lonely a loner lost in the fist of poverty caged by fear ugly stupid to believe him to believe inContinue reading “Let’s Try This Again”

In Flames

After I forgave you again for leaving me alone for making me wait for making promises that weren’t quite promises I tried to step outside the room of my heart and look back into my life through the eyes of a stranger who might be passing by— and if they saw in my window aContinue reading “In Flames”