Awake you rack your brain for answers why how why how were you mistaken is it possible you were mistaken he was too good to be true after all which can only mean he wasn’t that he wasn’t true after all because if he was if he was really true he’d be looking for youContinue reading “Dream”

Separation Failure

Elsewhere— fighting protests protests against protests storms storms in the form of weather employment emotion health conflict conflict everywhere lovers raging screaming dissolving disappointing marriages ending walls going up separating separating need from plenty even the birds compete over the abundant seed but here— you and I are floating past the past your gentle handsContinue reading “Separation Failure”

White T-Shirt

my white t-shirt was your white t-shirt and I just pulled it out of the drawer no it wasn’t buried it was on top freshly washed because my white t-shirt that used to be your white t-shirt has been through a lot which makes it soft and comfortable and treasured and it remembers the parkingContinue reading “White T-Shirt”

Love Song

On the radio there is a voice full of loneliness singing “what am I gonna do without you?” and between last year and this brand new one I’ve been learning that loneliness is wet watery able to seep into cracks I didn’t know I had— cracks made by love opening me leaving me revealing myContinue reading “Love Song”


We are taught it isn’t right to feel good or satisfied or clean about parting. About leaving the future out of sex— but I have enjoyed the present of the now— the gift of nothing else to look forward to— just one night spent without fear or hopes. Just a few hours where the onlyContinue reading “Lesson”

Our Mothers

Everything they told us was wrong. Smile. Hold your stomach in. Nod your head. Agree. Respect yourself, they said — by saying no. By giving boys nothing but a smile until they offered us a finite circle made of gold. They only want one thing, they told us. And we believed that the one thingContinue reading “Our Mothers”


After we met there was so little time we couldn’t help but give in to the eloquence of language and follow it to the natural conclusion of a hotel bedroom where we gave each other nothing we wished to take back. And when we parted there was a conspicuous absence of sorrow— a painless almostContinue reading “Flight”

Last First Day

Together we made his bed on the last day of the year in a room in a house that belonged to his friend and the white sheets spotted with wildflowers would become the only garden we would ever have a chance to lie down in because this country wasn’t his home anymore and the planeContinue reading “Last First Day”