Love Story, Unfinished

I can’t decide if I hate you enough to say I don’t love you anymore so I won’t say anything at all I’ll just breathe in and out and put one foot tentatively in front of the other until I get to May or maybe I’ll give you until June before I declare into theContinue reading “Love Story, Unfinished”

How Does it Look?

With tons of help from my family, I built a lovely home in the woods. It’s my dream come true and I’m so fortunate in so many ways. My family is healthy, I have a job, I have food, and I can pay my bills. But I can barely pay my bills. Barely. I wasContinue reading “How Does it Look?”


This is the winter of my lifeβ€” cold, vacant, sad. All those words that describe emptiness sitting alongside something otherwise beautiful, otherwise full of obligations I don’t mind. But I keep finding stones that asked to be picked up and carried in the pocket of my heart and it’s hard to say no to theirContinue reading “Stones”