Oh miserable universe— proof that beauty is not created by a god— a god who could will into everyone a joy unspeakable, unalterable if that is how he chose to wield his power— instead it is the blistering ordinary of any given day that crushes us beneath its promise to be all we can everContinue reading “Choice”

Out of Reach

He said it was years after the fact— years after he walked away before he realized it was the right thing to do. He spent years waiting for her to leave him— her husband. He waited years for her to become his. She went so far as to make promises on paper. Promises he thoughtContinue reading “Out of Reach”

Letting it Burn

Hours have passed— just you and the fire that needs you to keep adding feeding rewarding and you oblige first with small limbs that have fallen in the winds and then with the old lumber leftover from your dream that came true and you were so careful to rake away the dry leaves leaving aContinue reading “Letting it Burn”


First time was in preschool he and I were only 4 years old after which my heart needed to take a break until it felt stronger more mature better equipped to handle rejection and the boy who lived down the street when I was 12 years old was the apple of my eye until heContinue reading “Loves”