54 Minutes

The crisis text line doesn’t tell you up front that your responses need to take less than 5 minutes or you’ll be bumped — so the first time I try to connect I spend 8 minutes typing out my crisis only to have a message pop up “failed to deliver” so I try again afterContinue reading “54 Minutes”

Old Home Movie

Everyone is ten years younger in the home we used to live in where there is a birthday party for a one year old, now eleven — he and I are watching it together, the only survivors witnessing the difference between how he was loved and how his older brother was treated as if heContinue reading “Old Home Movie”


I have read the same paragraph three times. I put the book down. My mind is elsewhere. My body is in the bathtub, almost suicidal, almost calm. What I want now is unknown. What I wanted as recently as yesterday is no longer on the sweet buffet of choices. I am disconnected. I am aContinue reading “Crash”

Mechanical Room

In the basement in the home he’s lived in for sixteen years the man finds a leak in the water heater while he’s cleaning out the mechanical room— while he’s rummaging through piles of tools and tape and fixtures and nails he’ll no longer need— he notices the damp corner, dimly lit— the concrete darker,Continue reading “Mechanical Room”