On Tuesday I will drive north to meet your friend to buy her coffee hot and muddy as my heart and I won’t know how to begin I won’t know what to say except thank you for letting me talk about how we were and what we were and because I know her without knowingContinue reading “Tuesday”


There were so many days before you filled with joy filled with wonder and curiosity and the fine mystery of my own imagination there was no you to want to follow to dissect like a frog full of a hundred round eggs full of potential— before you there was a desire for you a placeContinue reading “Backdrop”


Today someone somewhere has a week to make a choice— to stay or not to stay to re-up the lease or gamble everything on a job three states away— and someone somewhere has a week to decide between two burdens: student loans or another bleak year flipping burgers every day until midnight — and someoneContinue reading “Deadlines”