His Lover

In silence, they drive home— a couple who have known each other for three decades. Intimately. Known about the other what brings tears of joy what opens and closes the distance. Their child has been deposited at the dorm into adulthood and into the mouth of eternal hunger— and they have little to say toContinue reading “His Lover”


There is so much malevolence in me born of rejection that I captured a small jumping spider on my kitchen wall with a clear plastic cup and I took the small black body out to the large orange orb weaver living outside my window and shook it out of the cup into the death webContinue reading “Sacrifice”

By the Hemlock Tree

She cleaned the house and made the beds and watered all the plants she wrote no note and she cried no tears as she walked into the woods and she laid herself down by the hemlock tree in the warm wet earth by the hemlock tree and she drew the razor across her wrist andContinue reading “By the Hemlock Tree”

Carnival Ride

Sleep is what the carnival dogs do on this last day of summer their cheeks gentle on the grass in the shade of the rollercoaster that will be dismantled once again at the end of the day all the parts unscrewed and the long curves that gave the thrills will be packed efficiently away intoContinue reading “Carnival Ride”

To His Wife, With Love

I am not sorry or guiltless or responsible for how he made me feel which was the way I always wanted to feel about a man which was in awe— which was probably the way he made you feel 30 years ago when you met him on campus with the long hair and ideas soContinue reading “To His Wife, With Love”

Don’t Believe Me

Constantly I lie I say things I don’t mean I say don’t worry about it I say no worries I say I understand I say it’s okay, I’m okay I say I’m fine I say I can wait I say I don’t mind if you put me on hold         DeMaris 9-18-19Continue reading “Don’t Believe Me”

Night Ranger

After I filled him in on the last few months with the one I love my friend Michael dedicated a song to me on his YouTube channel Sister Christian he plays guitar and sings into the camera asking me what’s my price for flight in finding Mr. Right it’ll be alright tonight he croons andContinue reading “Night Ranger”

She Won’t Go

The body of my mother walks toward me. She smiles. Hugs me. Knows my name. Knows I’ve come to take her to the doctor, but she changed her mind. Won’t go. “I cancelled the appointment” she says. “You cancelled your appointment?” I ask. She nods. Tells me she doesn’t need to go. Won’t go. SaidContinue reading “She Won’t Go”

The Me Poem

This poem will be about me. First person. Selfish. What I want. What I don’t. Here is an introduction— Hello. I’m DeMaris and I have everything…almost. The thing I don’t have is love, which is the only thing I want. Love. Tenderness. Love and tenderness mixed together would be almost perfect. Almost more than IContinue reading “The Me Poem”

Enemy of the Dog

I heard myself whisper I hate that dog out loud in the empty kitchen— just me washing the dishes looking out the window watching my neighbor yank on the leash to keep the bloodhound near— the bloodhound I am certain will get loose one day and attack me or my son or kill one ofContinue reading “Enemy of the Dog”