After Life

It took 43 days for her body to decide the answer would be no this time and her pain would be accompanied by the emptying out of a whole universe that might have kept two moons in orbit together if it hadn’t exploded into a bright red supernova       DeMaris 10-22-19 “Tree ofContinue reading “After Life”

So Close to Home

Waiting is unpleasant as the doctor’s office – I wonder what sickness will infiltrate my body while I wait for you to decide how to break the news to me once and for all so you and me can go back to being you and me in separate universes that will never collide in ourContinue reading “So Close to Home”

At the Broken Heart Survivors Club

You think it’s going to kill you— the fist inside your chest pounding pounding pounding looking for a way out since the one you invited in wandered away with everything you gave him robbed you blind broke every promise you wanted him to make broke every promise you begged him to make and the onlyContinue reading “At the Broken Heart Survivors Club”

Snapshot From a Perfect Day

Wordless he walked away from his work came downstairs found me took the pen out of my hand put it on the table wordless pulled me up out of my chair into his arms wordless he kissed me pressed the length of his body against the length of mine wordless for a tiny infinity IContinue reading “Snapshot From a Perfect Day”