Awaiting Test Results

I wake up and open the window shade to let in the gray damp morning and two deer linger in the rusty leaves— a buck standing beside a doe, who is still curled below the hemlock. I wonder if she is his doe— if they are a couple— if they are just getting to knowContinue reading “Awaiting Test Results”

Wedding Card

The hand-written message below the Hallmark bullshit should be short and sweet— heartfelt and true, if possible, which is why I’d like to say: Look, darlings, love won’t last in its current form. It will begin to roll away after you make love and it won’t be excited to see you when you walk throughContinue reading “Wedding Card”

A Little Magic

Somehow you are the one sitting across from me at the table in November 2017 late dark grilled cheese sandwiches and French fries between us between our teeth words try fail capture the way we have felt for so long and the way we have felt for so long is magic without the tricks andContinue reading “A Little Magic”

She Already Knows Why

If a woman doesn’t love her husband anymore— doesn’t wash his socks with hers— doesn’t snuggle up next to him to watch the evening news— doesn’t crave him in the night or day— does she have a right to know his lovers’ name or where they’ll go on Saturday night or what time he’ll beContinue reading “She Already Knows Why”