Vengeance, Sweet and Empty

I am waiting for this desire in me to subside— the wish for his flesh to burn— the spectacular hope that he will suffer long— that pain will be his heart’s companion. I am waiting for time to make dull this sharpness— to ease if not erase the marks on me made by his lies.Continue reading “Vengeance, Sweet and Empty”

On the Metaphysics of Being

My body is the accumulation of every moment every memory every pleasure and pain my body is holding my life in safekeeping its purpose is to be the vessel that will gather store process express the physical and emotional toll of being alive my body is me and my body wants to understand why howContinue reading “On the Metaphysics of Being”


selfish everyone everywhere people wanting nothing more than whatever the fuck they want and what they want is to self-serve beyond need for instance this person over here needs your help needs you to take your time and invest it in unpleasant ways even though you have a life of obligations and the amount ofContinue reading “Everyone”

Questions From the Cat in the Bag

Lying in bed alone she second guesses every word every action every time he leaves he says he’ll come back and he always comes back and when he does she thinks to herself this is the time he will tell me he is never going to leave and after he’s gone again she wonders whatContinue reading “Questions From the Cat in the Bag”

Vantage Point

You are on the bottom again your body on the rocks after he took you sailing in the clouds after the sky darkened and the stars were all you could see as you fell you believed that the promise he made to her would be buried by the one he made to you you foolContinue reading “Vantage Point”