How to Love the World

First you must define the world by understanding your small place in its enormity you must understand you are not essential to every chain of events but you are a link sometimes powerless to hold two things together and if you break it doesn’t always mean you are weak or unimportant and if you areContinue reading “How to Love the World”

It Seems I was Mistaken

I thought that our constant communication meant love but there was no voice no tone no facial expression to match what I interpreted as your conviction and every time I wrote you would reply eventually and when you stopped all a sudden after almost three years I knew that all those conversations across 70 milesContinue reading “It Seems I was Mistaken”

Our Love Story

Again, I find myself with something to say and no way of saying it— no sequence of words sound just right. With every attempt I feel like a boat without water to lift or move me toward him. Yes, him. There is always a man at the center of stories like this— stories that don’tContinue reading “Our Love Story”


Over over over again I close my eyes feel you with my hands my hands in your hair on your shoulders on your velvet back my hands massaging memorizing your contour your heat your headache my enemy as I straddled you my legs bent into arrows pointing toward futility your eyes were closed you didn’tContinue reading “Velveteen”

Dutch Oven

The cast iron Dutch oven was already old by the time it entered my life. It had already known love and care and good use. It already contained flavors from decades ago, part of the seasoning that would improve with each use— it came to me still black but I didn’t fully comprehend its valueContinue reading “Dutch Oven”