Dream at 5 a.m.

Minutes ago we were in a stranger’s yellow kitchen after eating eggs trying to get the dishes done before we had to exit into the still-dark morning and find your pink car that would deliver me home after what felt like a magical night spent on the floor in front of a white couch withContinue reading “Dream at 5 a.m.”

Into the River She Fell

Note: A while back, a singer/songwriter friend asked if I’d like to collaborate on some music. Hell, yeah! His style is very bluegrass and folksy, so I wrote these lyrics with his particular style in mind. I’m very excited to see what music he comes up with to accompany my lyrics! Into the River SheContinue reading “Into the River She Fell”

Tenth Floor

I walked from a few blocks away because parking isn’t free or reasonable in the kind of hotels with their own parking garage and with white-gloved valets accustomed to the bucket seats of Porsches or Lamborghinis like the ones I walked between as I approached the lobby via the enormous rotating door spinning almost slowContinue reading “Tenth Floor”

What I’ll Be

I used to be your hoped-for destination my arms wrapped around your imagination tighter than the ring on your finger you took off when you were with me Now I’m your failure of nerve the mess you refuse to clean up because it would mean admitting you filled me up then tripped and spilled meContinue reading “What I’ll Be”