I offer you boredom every single day. I offer you mornings without plans afternoons without excitement. I offer you dinner from the freezer, silence during the movies we will watch on the gray couch before we go to bed— where I will offer you everything. I promise you long stretches of time that pass soContinue reading “Offering”

Always More Questions Than Answers

No one could say how many oak trees exist in the world right now, though there is an absolute answer— a truth we can never know. Has brown ever truly been someone’s favorite color? How many books are in my bookcase? This is an easy and answerable question. Off the top of your head canContinue reading “Always More Questions Than Answers”

The 18th Letter of the Alphabet

Wrecked doesn’t start with an R but it has the right sound and the right meaning for the way I feel. Really, round and round is where I go— I want to rewind— I want to unknow ruin I want to respond in retaliation, rant, rage. I want to matter— to revolutionize meaning— to boldlyContinue reading “The 18th Letter of the Alphabet”