In the second monthof this terrible yearI was drunk on hopebefore I crashed into his wall—the wallI’d been leaning against for years—the wall that had, built into it,a small door I could pass into—a door with a bright redEXIT signmarked clearly once I got insideand could look around in aweat all the marvelshe kept closeContinue reading “Fermentation”

He is a Long Shadow

The forest is floodedwith dark shadowslong and angledmade of treesand tall grassesblocking the sun—and the sky is a blue roofsteeling for the rainabout to dapple the pathbetween meand my way home—where his absenceis all that waits for me.How longbefore I accept the truth?The truth—my faithful companionwho says, “See?He doesn’t exist.”He is just a long shadowmadeContinue reading “He is a Long Shadow”

Back Row

All I’ve done all dayis press rewindand we are inthe back row againyour bodystill unknown to meThe Shape of Wateron the big screen—light and sound bluras I touch you—your white shirtwhite buttonscorporate collarcome undoneand you let my handslip like a thiefinto your aquariumof exotic liquid—I have been thirstyfor what isn’t mineever since. DeMaris8-21-2020

After a Very Long Wait We Will Fix Dinner Together

You will peel the carrotswhile I rinse the broccoliand my shoulderwill be so close to yoursI’ll have no choicebut to finish my taskas your Siamese twinbecause you are a magnetthat has been pulling metoward youall these yearsand because the chickenwill be baking for anotherhalf houryour gentle kiss on my cheekwill cause me to pull youContinue reading “After a Very Long Wait We Will Fix Dinner Together”

It Will Come

Under the canopy of treesit will come.After the sun dissolvesinto the sound of cicadasit will come.After a number of daysyou cannot countit will come.After the wish for deathit will come.After you forgive the nightfor filling your vacancieswith memoriesit will come.Like the great horned owlspeaking to youafter a long absenceit will come.No matter how longit’s beenContinue reading “It Will Come”

Nothing In The World But You

You movedfrom one woman to anotherto another—one extravagant lieto the next—your ego swollenwith praisesfrom womenwho didn’t knowthere were othersfeeding you,vying for your sweet attention—and it was necessary for youto feign excitementwhen we became friends—she and I—and began to untanglethe trianglewith small discoverieslike the wayyou traded evenings with mefor mornings with heron the other sideof aContinue reading “Nothing In The World But You”

Metaphor on the Fate of Abused Women

The tufted titmousewho lost a wingflits aroundunder the feederhoping for seed to fallfrom on high I tried yesterdayand the day beforeto gain trustto show her my handsfull of seed just for her I sit nowten feet awayand watch as she waitsfor other birdswith two wingsto drop mercy from their beaks when all she has toContinue reading “Metaphor on the Fate of Abused Women”


For K. The middle-aged womansits beside her fathers’ bed—devastated and confusedby her own angerthat squeezes his hand too hardafter she learns she was the reasonher parents never divorced—that this man who loved her so muchdidn’t think he’d be forgivenif the love he foundin her sixteenth yearwas given a chance to grow biggerthan the love thatContinue reading “Hindsight”